Old time radio didn’t die with the transistor radios, it’s alive and well—it just moved online. If you want to know more about how you can listen to old time radio and have a blast with nothing more than an internet connection and speakers, read on to learn more.

Old time radio shows used to be a favorite pastime of many families across the United States, and for good reason. There were great mystery shows, music, talk shows and more that were all delivered free of charge over the radio waves. Those days are not over, contrary to what some may believe—the same exact entertainment can still be found right online. Using the internet you can get the same advantages and fun from old time radio style shows without the fuss of dealing with an old bulky radio or having limited choices of stations to choose from. If you want to learn more about finding great old radio shows online then read on.

Some of the most classic shows from the 1930’s and onwards were old time radio mystery shows. These were extremely popular and at the height of their popularity they could be found virtually on every station. This is the most commonly sought after variety when people go looking online and there are actually websites that specialize in delivering genuine, original shows that feature some of the most popular mystery shows. Using nothing more than your internet connection and one of these web services you can stream or download the audio and play it over your speakers.

If you’re familiar with using Apple’s iTunes another great option is to go with an “old time” style podcast that can be synced to your computer and iPod, iPad or iPhone to play on the go wherever you are. From there you can plug in speakers or headphones and set up your very own “radio” regardless of where you travel to. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to bring the classic entertainment of old time radio shows to their relatives and friends when traveling or on vacation.

If you want to travel back in time and have the same experience that people in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s got to have with their mystery shows and old time broadcasts then going online is hands down the best way to go. Keep in mind many of the available sites use actual original recordings and clips so there is often a nominal subscription fee to help preserve the value of these audio clips. For anyone interested in hearing radio-broadcasts the way they used to be then using the power of the internet is the best way to go.

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