If you thought old time radio was long gone and dead think again. Older entertainment like old time radio shows are making a huge come back and they’re mainly making their debut online. Read on to learn more.

For anyone who grew up listening to old time radio shows today’s entertainment can seem a world away from the good, clean fun of the radio. The good news is that this variety of entertainment is definitely making a strong comeback, and it’s ironically taking place right online. The information super highway is leading the way for the comeback of an age old entertainment channel—radio.

Listening to the radio in the 40’s and 50’s people had a brand new way to hear news and stories in their home. One of the most popular forms of old time radio were mystery shows that would sometimes be broadcasted over several days in some cases. These mystery shows would involve either a murder or crime taking place and the mystery would be solved by the person narrating the “case.”

These shows were largely popular at the height of old time radio and they are now making a comeback right on the internet where users can stream or download real old time broadcasts of these shows. While there are some variations of these broadcasts on services like iTunes it’s really a better idea to use a site online that is dedicated to old-style radio broadcasts to make sure you get the highest quality audio recordings.

Today’s entertainment in contrast to the old style radio shows is significantly different. Broadcasts used to be clean, universal fun for everyone who listened in and the good news is that you can now bring back that same good quality entertainment for the entire family with nothing more than an internet connection, a home computer and some speakers to play the audio on.

If you’re worried you don’t have the knowledge to make one of these online sites work for you, rest assured it’s quite easy. Most of the online sites that offer downloadable or streaming broadcasts will let you use a media player that is most likely already installed on your computer. If not you can download a free media player like VLC or Winamp to play the audio from the site.

If you’re interested in getting access to entertainment that’s still wholesome without sacrificing entertainment value then checking out some dedicated old-time radio sites is a great way to get started. There is a growing demand for old time radio shows that reflect the values and entertainment of their day and there’s no better way to satisfy this need then by going right online

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