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The Shadow – Favorite Old Time Radio Show

One of the most often repeated lines didn’t come from a political speech, a movie, or even a rock song, but from an old time radio show. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” was from a show that started in the 1930s. The line was originally voiced by [...]

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The Golden Age of Radio Lives Again

There’s nothing like stepping back in time and listening to old-time radio shows. For some people, it’s a trip down memory lane. For many others, it’s a whole new world since they’ve never had an opportunity to experience the programs before. People forget there was a time before television, cable and internet. Families would gather [...]

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Old Time Radio Still Loads of Fun Online

Old time radio didn’t die with the transistor radios, it’s alive and well—it just moved online. If you want to know more about how you can listen to old time radio and have a blast with nothing more than an internet connection and speakers, read on to learn more. Old time radio shows used to [...]

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Abie’s Irish Rose

Abie’s Iriѕh Rose iѕ a popular comedy by Anne Nіchols familiar from stage productions, films аnd гadio prograмs. The basіc premise іnvolves an Irish Catholic girl аnd а young Jewiѕh man who marry despite the objections of theiг familieѕ. It inspired the weekly NBC radio series, Abie’s Irish Rosө, wһich гan from January 24, 1942 [...]

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