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Why doesn't my password work?

Solution A few of our users have experienced a problem logging in, due to having too many temporary internet files on their computer. This is only a problem with some older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Firefox and other web browsers don't seem to have this problem.

Just clear your temporary internet files, close your web browser and re-open it to fix this problem.

Click here to learn how to do this:

We personally use and recommend the Free Firefox web browser. Just go to to get it.


Some members have emailed me about how the usernames and passwords work. If you are having trouble logging in, please read the following carefully.

The "Members Area" and the "Old Time Radio Message Board" use two different sets of username and password. They use different software and we can't combine the two. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The "Members Area" (where all the shows are located) is at:

This is where you use the username and password you received in your welcome letter. You can not use this username/password for the discussion forum. Enter your username in the top box and your password in the second box, then click the "Submit" button. Use all lower case letters, no spaces.

If you enter the correct username and password (The one that was emailed to you when you joined the club) and the screen just blinks and nothing happens, Please clear your temporary internet files in your web browser, close your web browser and reopen it.

If you don't know how to clear your temporary internet files, please go here to find out:

You can get to the "Members Area" by going to the main page at: and clicking on the picture of the haunted house that says "Club Entrance".

The "Old Time Radio Message and Discussion Board" is located at:

The username and password is the one you pick for yourself when you register on the "Old Time Radio Message Board" web page.

To post messages in the forum you must register. Look for the word "register" at the top of the page at

You do not have to register to read messages. Registration is always free for everyone. You do not need to be a club member to use the message board.

You can also get to the forum by going to the main page at: and clicking on the picture of the grey stone doorway that says "OTR Forum" above the door.
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