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Can I download more than one show at a time?


We DO NOT offer an automated way to download more than one show at a time.

You can click on a show and it will play in your default media player or you can right-click on a show and download it to your computer. To be courteous to the other users of the system, please don't download too many shows simultaneously. We have quite a few club members and want to keep the system working quickly for everyone.

Our shows are shared in a simple folder structure. See example. (Note: There are NO ads shown in the club download area).

You DO NOT need to use a download manager to access our shows. If you'd like to learn more about them and what they do, please see our forum post about a free download manager that works well with our system and instructions on how to use it.

You may use your own download manager software if you want to, provided you follow these simple guidelines.

  • Please set your concurrent downloads to 2 or less.
  • Please set your server connections to 2 or less.

There is NO set daily download limit for our club members, but please be considerate of the other users of the system. Thanks.

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