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How is the audio quality of the shows?


Many of these shows are 70 years old. They just aren't going to have the same "high fidelity" sound quality that today's generation is used to. Most of the shows sound pretty good though, considering their age.

If you want to hear the approximate audio quality of "old time radio" shows before you join our club, please scroll down to the bottom of our home page at and listen to any of the 2,500 mystery and adventure shows offered there.

We do always try to use the best quality sets we can find. Many times we have replaced individual shows or whole series when we've found better sounding copies.

We have over 48,000 shows in our online collection. We haven't had time to listen to all of them. If a user tells me there is a problem with a show, I try to replace it if I can. If I can't find another copy, I delete the show.

I can not guarantee that every show we have will play perfectly. People that collect old time radio shows will understand this. I just wanted to make this known to people that are new to this hobby.

I love old time radio and collecting shows. I do the best I can to share the best shows I can find.

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