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How do I burn the mp3 files of the shows to CD or DVD?

Solution Use the free Itunes or Microsoft Media player to burn the shows to "Audio CD". This will play in any standard CD player but will only hold a few shows. You can find instructions on how to do this by going to the itunes or Microsoft website or searching "how to burn a cd with itunes" or whatever you are trying to do. There are so many different operating systems and computer configurations out there that we have no way of supporting this kind of project.

Our shows are in mp3 format. This is a compressed format. You can fit many shows on each CD or DVD. They will be playable only on the computer. If you just want to put the mp3 files on a CD or DVD, try the following:

You want to burn a "Data CD" or Data DVD".

Or you can use a freeware disk burning software program like Deepburner Free. Make sure you download the free version.

Link to deepburner instruction manual:

If you can't view the instruction file, go to: and download the free Adobe Reader.

You probably already have it on your PC but if not you can get it for free from adobe and install it.

Or you can use the free program CDburnerXP at:

We are not connected with these software companies in any way. Any technical support for the programs will have to be obtained from the software maker.

Or you can also do it this way:

If you have Windows XP, follow these instructions:

Burn data files onto a CD with Windows XP

1. Right click on the files or folders that you want to burn.

2. When the context menu pops up, move the mouse over the word Send To and another menu will slide out.

3. In the new menu that slides out, click on the drive letter of your CD writer.

4. Do this for each file or folder that you want to burn onto the disk. To select multiple files at once, read this article.

5. Go to the Desktop and double-click on My Computer.

6. Double-click on your CD writer’s icon.

7. You will see icons for each of the files that will be written to CD. In the left-hand column of options, you’ll see Write these files to CD at the top. Click on that option, then sit back and wait while Windows XP burns your disk.
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