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How can I put these shows on audio CDs?

Solution All of our shows are in the standard mp3 format. They can be played on all computers with an audio player.

Microsoft Windows comes with their "Media Player". Apple Mac computers also come standard with a media player like Itunes. Both are capable of playing mp3 files. Or you can use the excellent VLC media player. It is free to use and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be found here:

The Microsoft Media Player or Itunes software is capable of converting our mp3 shows to "CD audio" format, playable on all standard home and car CD players. Just download the shows you want and create a playlist, then select "Burn to audio CD". There are too many different versions of these software programs for us to give specific instructions. Please go to the Google search engine at and type in one of these phrases.

"itunes burn to audio cd"

"microsoft media player burn to audio cd"

If you burn a CD in "data format" it will just copy the mp3 files to the CD and will NOT be playable in a standard CD player (it would be playable on your computer though). You must burn the CD in the "CD audio" format to play in the car or on your home stereo.

I recommend burning audio CDs only for use in the car. You can only put 70 minutes of shows on each CD. For all other listening, I recommend using an mp3 player such as an Ipod or similar device. These can be purchased online or at the local Walmart for around $30. Try to find one with at least 512MB of storage space. 1GB or more will hold hundreds of shows.
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