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How do I put these shows on my ipod or mp3 player?

Solution All of our old time radio shows are in standard mp3 format. They can be played on any device capable of playing mp3 files.

There are hundreds of different mp3 players on the market. It would be impossible for me to know how to work all of them. If you do not know how to operate your mp3 player, please read the instructions that came with the device or go to the manufacturer's website for help.

Most mp3 players come with software you need to install to make the player work with your computer. This software may have come on a CD with your player or you may have to download it from the manufacturer's website. Use a search engine like to find the website of the maker of your mp3 player if you don't know their web address.

First read through these help pages to learn how to download our shows to your computer and then you will be ready to put them on your mp3 player when you get it working.
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