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How do I listen to the shows?

Solution When in the "members area", ( ) just click on the folder of the series you want to listen to.

Then click on the name of the show you want to hear. It should open in your default media player on your computer.

If you would rather download the show to listen to later or put on your mp3 player just right-click (click your right mouse button instead of the one you usually click) on the show you want and a small menu will pop up. If you are using the "Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser", click on "Save Target As". If you are using the "Firefox Web Browser", click on "Save Link As". A window will pop up and ask you where on your computer you would like to save the file. Just pick a spot where you will be able to find it again. Then you can play it on your computer or put it on your mp3 player.

All of our shows are in .mp3 format.
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