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Alien Worlds and All Gas And Gaiters shows added 

Mike Y. sent us two nice sets of "Alien Worlds" and more "All Gas and Gaiters shows. They have been uploaded to the club area. Thanks Mike!

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Destination Freedom Shows Added 

Mike Y. sent us a nice set of shows called "Destination Freedom". 45 shows in all. They are now in the club area. Thanks again Mike!

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More Charlie Chan shows added 

Mike Y. sent us in a bunch of Charlie Chan shows. These are hard to find. We only had 17. Now we have 49! Thanks Mike!

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Carter Brown Mystery Hour (AU) Shows Added 

Mike Y. sent us some "Carter Brown Mystery Hour (AU)" shows. Thanks again Mike!

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The Stan Freberg Shows Added 

Jimbo sent in some "The Stan Freberg Show" shows. Thanks Jimbo!

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Silver Theatre shows Added 

I just added a series called "Silver Theatre". 43 shows. They are now in the club area.

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Best Of All - Music shows added 

Mike Y. sent in a series of music shows called "Best Of All". They are now in the musical shows folder at the top of the club members area. Thanks again Mike!

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Secret Agent k7 Shows Added 

Jimbo sent in a nice series called "Secret Agent k7". 68 shows total. Thanks again Jimbo!

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Hello America Shows Added 

Jimbo donated a series called "Hello America". Thanks Jimbo!

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New Podcast Episode Added 

Suspense - The Windy City Six - Fred MacMurray stars as a member of a band that is basically kidnapped and forced to play for a gang of hoodlums. One of the most entertaining episodes in the series. Recommended by Jimbo. Listen to it here: ... player.php

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More Unit 99 Shows Added 

Jimbo donated more "Unit 99" shows for us. They have been uploaded to the club area. Thanks Jimbo!

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American Gallery - AFRS Shows added 

12 American Gallery - AFRS shows were donated by Mike Y. have been uploaded to the club area. Thanks Mike!

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260 Strange Adventures Shows Added 

Just transfered 260 "Strange Adventure" shows to the club area. Kindly donated by Mike Y. and Jimbo. Thanks Guys!

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Mike Y. has just mailed us another 5 DVDs full of shows for our club 

Here are the contents of the DVDs. I will upload them to the club area as soon as I can.

Thanks Again Mike!



American Gallery (AFRS)
Andre Kostelanetz Show, The
Big Story, The
Canticle For Liebowitz, A
Chase and Sanborn Program
Earth Search 1 & 2 (BBC)
Johnson Family
Jump Jump And The Ice Queen
Murder Must Advertise (not listed)
Murder Of Quality (not listed)
Oldsmobile Program, The
Paul Whiteman - Forever Tops
Space Force
Take It From Here (BBC) (not listed)
Theater 10-30
Yankee Yarns
Basil Rathbone, Word Detective
Best Of All
Carter Brown Mystery Hour (AU)
Country Style USA
Hayward Sanitarium
Hunchback of Notre Dame (AU)
Major Keen - Dossier On Demetrius (AU)
Major Keen - Twenty-Six Hours (AU)
Major Keen - Two Roads To Samarra (AU)
Man In The Iron Mask (AU)
Red Rider
Speed Gibson
Arthur Smith Corner Store
Baker's Theater Of Stars (not listed)
Best Plays
Black Flame Of The Amazon, The
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Living In An Atomic Age
Mary Lee Taylor Program
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife
The Green Hornet
Veil of Darkness, The (SA)
Biography In Sound
Our Miss Brooks
FBI in Peace and War
Pepper Young's Family
Ports Of Call
Proudly We Hail
Radio Detectives, The
Vanished Without A Trace
WLS Barn Dance
WLS Radio Animal Stories - Vol 1 (not listed)
WLS Radio Animal Stories - Vol 2 (not listed)
WLS Radio Animal Stories - Vol 3 (not listed)
WLS Radio Animal Stories - Vol 4 (not listed)
WPA Concerts
Wednesday With You
Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads (BBC) (copyright)
Words At War
World Adventurer Club
Worlds Greatest Short Stories
ABC Mystery Time

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New Shows Added 

Mike Y. sent in the following shows: American Portraits, At Ease (AFRS), Ave Maria Hour and Best Of All. Thanks Mike!

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Green Hornet Shows Added 

More Green Hornet Shows sent in by Allen. Thanks Allen!

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5 DVD's Of Shows Being Added 

As most of you know, our good friend Mike Y has donated tons of shows to our club over the last few years.

Mike has just sent us another 5 full DVD's of great old time radio shows!

It'll take me a while to go through them. I will be uploading them to the club area starting today.

Here is a list of the shows he has shared with us:

33 Half Moon Street,ABC Mystery Time (4),American Portraits - 1951,At Ease (AFRS),Ave Maria Hour,Best Of All,Big Story, The,Brothers in Law,Can You Imagine That,Can You Top This,Captains of Industry,Case Dismissed,Cavalcade Of Kings, The,Charlie and His Orchestra,Charlie Chan,Charlotte Greenwood Show, The,Chevrolet Program - Musical Moments, The,Choose A Song, Partner,Congo Curt,Consider Your Verdict - SA,Democracy In America,Destination Freedom,Diamond Dramas,Did Justice Triumph,Doctor at Large,Doctor In The House,Drama of the Courts,Drop Dead,Earplay (NPR),Easy Money,Educating Archie (BBC),Eleventh Hour, The,Four Star Playhouse,Frank Muir Goes Into,Frank Sinatra - Light Up Time,Greatest Of These, The,Hank Williams - Health and Happiness Show, The,Hank Williams - Mother's Best Flour Show,Hardy Family,Hear It Now,Hearts in Harmony,Hello Sucker,Hollywood Star Playhouse,Hollywood Star Time,Hollywood Theater Of Stars,Hour of St. Francis,Howie Wing - A Saga of Aviation,Human Adventure,Just For You,Keep Em Rolling,Key, The,Keys to the Capitol,Kingsmen,Kitty Keene, Inc,Leo is on the Air,Les Miserables,Let's Go To Town,Light Crust Doughboys,Listener's Playhouse,Love Story,Meet Mr. McNutley,Monticello Party Line,Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt Show (not listed in Otter),Murder On The Run (not listed in Otter),Paul Whiteman - The Kraft Program,Plantation Jubilee,Refreshment Time With Singin' Sam,Roy Achuff Show,Steptoe and Son,Stop Messing About,Stories of Sherlock Holmes (SA),Strange Adventure

Thanks for all you do for our club Mike!

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More Green Hornet Shows Added 

Allen just sent us a bunch more Green Hornet shows for our online collection. Thanks for sharing Allen!

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Radio Detective Shows Added 

A club member, J Robinson, just sent us a nice 15 show set called "Radio Detectives" and some other good shows too. Thanks J!

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Tons of new old time radio shows added 

Our good friend Jimbo has generously shared many shows from his collection with us. Thanks a lot Jimbo!

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New Podcast Added - This is Your FBI - War Frauds - Andrew Rockland War Profiteer 

This is Your FBI -"War Frauds - Andrew Rockland War Profiteer is our new podcast.

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Orson Welles Almanac Old Time Radio Shows Added 

More shows from Jimbo! Orson Welles Almanac shows are now in the club area. Thanks again Jimbo.

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Famous Jury Trials shows added 

We just received a set of shows called "Famous Jury Trials" from our good friend Jimbo. They are now in the club area. Thanks Jimbo.

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Classic Monologues And Tales 

Jimbo donated a set of shows called "Classic Monologues And Tales" to our club. Thanks Jimbo!

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