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Ellery Queen Shows Renamed 

I saw a post on another website pointing to our Ellery Queen page. The webmaster said that there were a lot of shows with the wrong names.

Allen (The Shadow) volunteered to take on this big project. He downloaded, listened, renamed, deleted duplicates and re-uploaded every show in our Ellery Queen directory. Thanks Allen for a job well done!

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Space Patrol shows added 

A set of "Space Patrol" shows was added to the club members area today. 101 shows.

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Tom Corbett Space Cadet 

One of our club members, Allen (The Shadow) has just donated a nice set of "Tom Corbett Space Cadet". It's been uploaded to the club members area. Thanks Allen!

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Two new collections of shows 

Our Music, Western, Children and Christmas show 13 DVD set has arrived in the mail today. Also the 30 DVD Jazz and old time music collection from Kevin is here too. I'll start sorting through them today and try to get something uploaded. Also, the BBC radio show folder has been moved to the top of the directory so people can find it easier. I already uploaded several small sets of shows this morning. Click on the "Date Last Modified" link at the top of the members directory. Click once to see the oldest shows. Click the link again to see the newest shows added.

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New Podcast Episode 

Voyage of the Scarlet Queen: "Shore Leave and the Unhappy Wife"

Broadcast in the late 1940s, this adventure series centers around the travels of a tramp steamer called The Scarlet Queen to exotic ports of call in the Pacific. The show's use of the ship's log as a narrative device is reminiscent of Star Trek and may well be where Gene Roddenberry lifted the idea from. The stories themselves are a pleasing mix of swashbuckling Indiana Jones and hard-boiled detective, liberally seasoned with saltwater for flavoring.

In this episode, the ship is chartered for a lucrative voyage, but before she can set sail, the first mate is accused of murder and it is up to the captain to prove his innocence.

Recommendation and description written by our club member "Human".

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Sherlock Holmes Ebook 

Added "The Complete Illustrated Sherlock Holmes Collection" Ebook to the Sherlock Holmes section on the home page. It's in PDF format. You need the free Adobe Reader software to read it. Most people already have this software installed.

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Family Theater Shows Added 

Allen (aka The Shadow) has just donated a beautiful set of "Family Theater" shows to our club. There are 525 shows all dated and numbered. Be sure to check them out in the club members area.

Allen is also working with me on other projects like dating and properly naming shows for our club. He has extensive experience with OTR and has worked with other OTR websites in the past.

Thanks for sharing Allen. We all appreciate your efforts to make our club the very best it can be.

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Lets Pretend Childrens Show 

We've just added 54 "Let's Pretend" Children Shows to the club members area. These are great shows that children of all ages will enjoy. Classic fairy tales and other great shows. This is a great way to introduce your children and grandchildren to the fun of old time radio. Probably better for them than watching the TV shows of today.

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Blod Venture 

"Bold Venture" shows added to the club members area. Donated by our club member Marcel.

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Our Website Hosting Contract Renewed 

This website has been in operation for one year and six months. We have 6 months left on our original contract with our web host.

Today we have just extended our contract for an additional three years. We will continue to renew our web hosting contract every two and a half years with a new three year contract.

The website and club is growing every day. We will continue to use the donations we receive to maintain this website and purchase new OTR show sets for your continued enjoyment.

Thanks to all of you who have supported our efforts to keep the fun hobby of old time radio alive and well.


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Jerry Of The Circus Shows 

Added 127 Jerry Of The Circus shows to the club members area.

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Jungle Jim Shows Added 

Hundreds of Jungle Jim shows added to the club members area.

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Jerry At Fair Oaks 

Jerry At Fair Oaks shows added to the club members area.

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Little Orphan Annie 

Little Orphan Annie shows added to the club members area today.

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29 DVD set of Rare Shows 

Our 29 DVD set of rare shows has arrived in the mail. I'll be sorting through it and uploading shows from the collection starting today. A big thanks to Kevin, our club member who arranged to get the collection at half price for our OTR club.

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Cabin B13 shows added 

Three Cabin B13 shows added to the club members area. Only these three shows are known to exist. One of the shows is featured as this weeks podcast. It was recommended by Britt, one of our club members.

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Jack Armstrong All American Boy 

Added Jack Armstrong All American Boy shows to the club members area.

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Winston Churchill 

Added over 100 Winston Churchhill broadcasts to our WWII section in the members area.

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Straight Arrow shows added 

Straight Arrow shows added to club members area.

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"Can You Top This" Shows Added 

"Can You Top This" shows have been added to the club members area. There are not many of these shows available. We were able to get 12 of them.

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More Movies Added 

Several more black & white mystery movies have been added to the members area. These are in 320x240 format. A movie player for both Windows and Mac is also provided for download. It will play all of our movies.

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Ma Perkins Shows Added 

48 Ma Perkins shows added to the members area.

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Avenger (SA) shows added 

One of our club members just donated a nice set of Avenger (South Africa) shows. They are located in the members area.

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Hop Harrigan Shows Added 

153 "Hop Harrigan" shows added to the club members area.

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