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New Podcast Show Added 

"Lux Radio Theater - The Day The Earth Stood Still" Listen to it here: ... player.php

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Air Adventures Of Jimmy Allen Shows Updated 

Mike updated our set of "Air Adventures Of Jimmy Allen". All renamed and dated and more shows added. Thanks Mike!

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Lux Radio theater Shows Renaming Project Done 

I've renamed all of the Lux Radio theater shows to the correct names and dates. The old files all had the names cut off at the end of the filename. I also added some missing shows. Brad

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All Tarzan Shows Updated 

Mike was kind enough to fix up our Tarzan Folder. All shows and titles have been updated and properly named and dated. Thanks Mike, for all your hard work to help out our club.

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Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel shows added 

Mike just sent us a great set of "Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel" shows. 143 in all. All named and dated according to the Ottor OTR Database. A really nice set. give it a listen. Thanks Mike! We all appreciate your hard work! You've been a great help to our club!

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Nick Carter Shows Added 

Allen has sent us 30 more Nick Carter Shows. We now have 120 total. Find them on the home page or linked at the very bottom of the members area. Thanks Allen

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"I Love A Mystery" shows updated 

Mike was kind enough to add 60 shows and rename the whole set to the proper dates and names. We now have 195 shows in the series. Mike has also been working on fixing other sets of shows for the club and uploading them to us. Thanks for your hard work Mike!

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Added Australian Radio Classics 384 Shows 

384 Australian radio shows added to the club members area.

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It's Higgins, Sir - Shows Added 

Just added a series called "It's Higgins, Sir". A club member requested these and says they are very good shows. Give them a try.

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300 Old Time Radio Christmas Shows - Free For All Visitors 

We'll be offering over 300 old time radio christmas shows to all visitors to our website for the month of December. Enjoy!

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New Podcast - Report From A Dead Planet 

This month's podcast:"Suspense Episode 861 - Report From A Dead Planet" Recommended by Kevin. Click Here to listen.

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Sherlock Holmes Staring Ronald Howard movies added 

The last 8 Sherlock Holmes Staring Ronald Howard movies have been uploaded. We now have the complete set of 39 episodes. They are located in the 003 Movies folder.

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The Couple Next Door - 725 Shows 

Mike just sent us a complete set of The Couple Next Door. 725 Shows in all. Execellent sound quality. A great addition to the club! I'm sure we'll all enjoy listening to these great old shows. Thanks for sharing Mike!

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Added more shows to our BBC folder 

Just added 53 episodes of Round The Horne to the 005 BBC Folder. Also added a few other BBC series the other day that were requested by a club member.

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British shows added 

159 shows have been added to the 005 BBC and British shows folder in the club area.

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BBC Collection and British Shows 

I have combined the BBC Collection and British Shows into one folder: 005 BBC and British Shows.

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Front Page Drama Shows Added - 314 Shows 

Mike just sent us 314 Front Page Drama Shows. What a great addition to our club! They are now in the club area. Thanks a lot Mike!

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Fred Allen Shows Added 

Mike donated 4 nice sets of the Fred Allen Show. They are in the club area. Thanks Mike!

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Even More Theater Five Shows Added 

Mike has donated another 114 Theater Five shows for our club. The total is now at 256 shows for this series. Thanks Mike!

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142 Theater Five Shows Added - Great Sound Quality 

George has donated a truly great collection of 142 "Theater Five" shows.

Theater Five was produced by ABC in the early 1960s. The series name was derived from its time slot of 5:00 PM.

It ran Monday through Friday and consisted of short stories. Some plots were taken from the daily newspaper.

The sound quality is execellent!

Thanks a lot George!

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It's Our 2 Year Anniversary has been online for two years now.

Thank you everyone for making this website into a great old time radio club. Thanks to everyone who donated money, shows and their time to make the club the best it can be.

A big thank you to all of the good folks who post in our discussion forum and make it a fun place to visit for all OTR fans. Thanks, Brad

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Added Lots of Free Scary Shows For Halloween 

For the month of October there will be a link on the home page, near the very top, that goes to a directory filled with scary shows for Halloween. Enjoy the shows and have a safe and happy holliday.

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Paul Temple mystery shows 

Ed donated a nice set of Paul Temple mystery shows. They are now located in the 005 BBC Radio Shows Folder in the club members area. Execellent sound quality and very interesting mysteries. Well worth a listen. Thanks Ed!

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New Podcast Episode: CBSRMT - Men without Mouths 

Men without Mouths - A mobster who had adopted the daughter of a dead compatriot finds as he is getting older that he keeps on seeing men without mouths everywhere. Recommended by our club member Crich70.

Click to listen to CBSRMT - Men Without Mouths and all of our previous podcasts. ... player.php

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