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Winston Churchill 

Added over 100 Winston Churchhill broadcasts to our WWII section in the members area.

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Straight Arrow shows added 

Straight Arrow shows added to club members area.

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"Can You Top This" Shows Added 

"Can You Top This" shows have been added to the club members area. There are not many of these shows available. We were able to get 12 of them.

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More Movies Added 

Several more black & white mystery movies have been added to the members area. These are in 320x240 format. A movie player for both Windows and Mac is also provided for download. It will play all of our movies.

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Ma Perkins Shows Added 

48 Ma Perkins shows added to the members area.

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Avenger (SA) shows added 

One of our club members just donated a nice set of Avenger (South Africa) shows. They are located in the members area.

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Hop Harrigan Shows Added 

153 "Hop Harrigan" shows added to the club members area.

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This week's podcast: "The Shadow - Death Prowls At Night" 

While vacationing at a ski lodge Margo is kidnapped and taken to a creepy sanitarium. Can the Shadow get to her in time? Find out now!

Our podcast address is:

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Tom Mix Shows Added 

More Tom Mix shows have been added to the members area.

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Heartbeat Theater Shows Added 

25 "Heartbeat Theater" shows added to the club members area. The Salvation Army's Inspirational Drama Series.

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More Hallmark Playhouse shows added 

Added 55 more "Hallmark Playhouse" shows to the members area.

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New Podcast - Suspense - On A Country Road 

A couple finds themselves stranded on an isolated country road at night in the middle of a storm. If that's not bad enough... There is a murderer on the loose that just escaped from a mental institution! Starring Cary Grant. Original broadcast 1950.

Our podcast link is:

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Grand Marquee shows added 

"Grand Marquee" shows added to the club members area. 14 shows added. Romantic comedy type show.

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Future Tense Shows Added 

"Future Tense" added to the club members area. 16 shows added. Science Fiction radio shows. This show aired on WMUK, college radio station of Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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Show Directory Renaming 

In an effort to make shows easier to find in the future, we have renamed many show directories. Since there are so many shows starting with the word "The", we are skipping it. If you're looking for "The Shadow", look under "S" and so on. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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"A Life In Your Hands" shows added to the club members area 

"A Life In Your Hands" 18 shows added to the members area. Jonathan kegg on his journey for justice,old time radio murder drama,1949-1952

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New Podcast at - "Escape - Treasure Inc"  

Escape - Treasure Inc.

An ambitious developer builds a hotel on a remote tropical island but all his plans go out the window when he gets mixed up with a greedy woman, a hidden treasure and a misanthropic hermit.

Gripping stuff starring Frank Lovejoy, Paul Frees and Mary Lansing.

Feels like a Somerset Maugham piece, but was actually written by the prolific scriptwriting team of John and Gwen Bagni

Click here to listen.

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316 Old Time Radio Commercials added to the members area 

316 more Old Time Radio Commercials added to the members area.

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New Podcast at - "Suspense - A Little Matter Of Memory" 

SUSPENSE September 30, 1954 "A Little Matter of Memory" was based on the story by James Helvick. A couple staying in an isolated cottage return from a walk only to discover a note on their door telling of a dangerous maniac on the loose. Very tense beginning and middle with some quintessential radio drama scenes, but the Third Act problems are nigh insurmountable. Having set the plot in motion, there are only a couple of ways that it can end. But kudos to Norman MacDonnell who produced and directed. Lawrence Dobkin played Edward and Paula Winslowe played Joan. Also appearing were Edgar Barrier, Joseph Kearns, and Richard Peel. James Helvick was a pseudonym for Francis Claud Cockburn (1904-1981), a British journalist and novelist who wrote an interesting book about the phenomenon of the best-selling novel. (He was also the cousin of Evelyn Waugh.)

Click to listen: " Suspense - A Little Matter Of Memory "

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Ford Theater 

"Ford Theater" added to "club members area". 25 Shows. The FORD THEATER, sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, presented hour long dramas first on NBC for one only season. The series moved to CBS for its second and last season.

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Jack Carson 

"Jack Carson" added to "club members area". 34 Shows.
Presented to you by Campbell’s Soup, it’s the Jack Carson Show. Created by and starring Jack Carson and sidekick Dave Willock, who got their start on Bing Crosby’s Kraft Music Hall in 1938. In this riotous show, Jack plays baffooned version of himself as a dumb-bell movie star. Dave Willock plays Jack’s nephew, who is constantly bringing him down a notch or two.

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New Podcast at - NICK CARTER - Eight Records of Death 

The background is as interesting as the plot. Who remembered that sixty years ago you could make gramophone records in your own home the way you make CDs today? Here the lead-up to a murder is captured on record by the victim and it's up to Nick Carter to make sense of it all.

Click to listen: Suspense - NICK CARTER - Eight Records of Death

If you would like to subscribe to our podcast or listen to previous shows, the feed address is: ... s-Feed.xml

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Birdseye Open House 

"Birdseye Open House" added to "club members area". 42 Shows. Popular 40's variety show hosted by Dinah Shore. Lot's of famous guests like Phil Silvers, Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra, Alan Ladd, Cesar Romero and more. Singing and comedy.

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Agatha Christie BBC Radio Plays 

"Agatha Christie BBC Radio Plays" added to "club members area". 44 Shows. Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time. She has sold over two billion books worldwide and has been translated into over 45 languages. In a writing career that spanned more than half a century, Agatha Christie wrote eighty novels and short story collections. She also wrote over a dozen plays, including The Mousetrap, which is now the longest running play in theatrical history.

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