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More CBSRMT Shows Added 

Dave has sent us even more CBSRMT FM broadcasts. These are in a seperate folder under the main folder. These are bigger file size, but higher quality then the AM broadcast version in the main folder. He also sent us a replacement for one of the shows in the main folder that didn't sound too good. Thanks Again Dave!

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CBC Mystery Theatre 

Added a series called "CBC Mystery Theatre" today. They are located in the club area. Enjoy!

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All WWII shows updated and added to 

Mike has fixed the names and dates of all our WWII shows and added many, many shows from his own collection. He just sent them to me on 4 DVDs and I've uploaded them today to our WWII Broadcasts folder. This was a huge project, taking several weeks.

A big thank you to Mike for all his hard work to help make our club the best it can be.

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"A Man Called X" shows added 

Mike just donated a real nice set of "A Man Called X" shows. Check them out in the club area. Thanks again Mike!

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Americas Town Meeting Of The Air 

Mike sent us a nice set called Americas Town Meeting Of The Air. Check it out. Thanks Mike!

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Tales From The Shadows shows added 

Our good friend Edwin (Human) just sent us a nice series called Tales From The Shadows Thanks Edwin!

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Added 7 more Bulldog Drummond Shows 

I added 7 more Bulldog Drummond shows to our movies folder today. Now we have 8 total.

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The Avengers BBC shows added 

I added a BBC collection called The Avengers today. Enjoy.

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Lassie shows added 

Added some Lassie shows today. Enjoy.

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Glenn Miller Shows Updated 

Mike sent us a lot of nice Glenn Miller Shows. They have been uploaded to the Glenn Miller folder in the "002 music" folder. Thanks Mike!

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Absolute Power BBC Comedy Shows Added 

Mike just sent us a nice set of BBC comedy shows called Absolute Power. They are now in our BBC folder in the club area. Thanks again Mike!

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McLevy BBC shows added 

John R sent us a nice set of BBC shows called McLevy. They are in the BBC folder at the top of the members area. Thanks John!

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Avengers South Africa Shows Updated 

All Avengers South Africa Shows Updated by Mike. Now have correct names and dates. Thanks Mike!

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More series have been updated 

Guiding Light, Jimmy Durante Show, Terry and the Pirates and Zero Hour series have all been updated with correct names and dates and missing shows added by Mike. Thanks Mike!

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120 Screen Directors Playhouse shows just added 

120 Screen Directors Playhouse shows were just added to the club area. I had some and Mike supplied the rest. As many of you may know, Mike has been a member of our club for some time now and has a huge personal collection of OTR shows he has been sharing with our club. I just got some disks in the mail from him, and he sends us a lot of shows via FTP.

Mike has been a huge help in filling in missing shows in our collection and also sending us many series we didn't already have.

Thanks for all you help Mike

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Milton Berle shows updated 

We have updated our Milton Berle collection to better sounding copies.

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Fear On Four Shows Added 

I just added some Fear On Four shows. They are located in our 003 BBC folder.

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New Podcast Show Added 

"Lux Radio Theater - The Day The Earth Stood Still" Listen to it here: ... player.php

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Air Adventures Of Jimmy Allen Shows Updated 

Mike updated our set of "Air Adventures Of Jimmy Allen". All renamed and dated and more shows added. Thanks Mike!

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Lux Radio theater Shows Renaming Project Done 

I've renamed all of the Lux Radio theater shows to the correct names and dates. The old files all had the names cut off at the end of the filename. I also added some missing shows. Brad

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All Tarzan Shows Updated 

Mike was kind enough to fix up our Tarzan Folder. All shows and titles have been updated and properly named and dated. Thanks Mike, for all your hard work to help out our club.

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Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel shows added 

Mike just sent us a great set of "Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel" shows. 143 in all. All named and dated according to the Ottor OTR Database. A really nice set. give it a listen. Thanks Mike! We all appreciate your hard work! You've been a great help to our club!

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Nick Carter Shows Added 

Allen has sent us 30 more Nick Carter Shows. We now have 120 total. Find them on the home page or linked at the very bottom of the members area. Thanks Allen

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"I Love A Mystery" shows updated 

Mike was kind enough to add 60 shows and rename the whole set to the proper dates and names. We now have 195 shows in the series. Mike has also been working on fixing other sets of shows for the club and uploading them to us. Thanks for your hard work Mike!

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