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Propaganda shows - WWII, Cold War, and others

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:51 am    Post subject: Propaganda shows - WWII, Cold War, and others Reply with quote

One genre I have always enjoyed is propaganda shows. The classic years of radio were loaded with them, and they can be a lot of fun. Some are very well-written and well-acted, while others are over-the-top and downright funny.

Here are a few of my favorites. I haven't noticed many of them here, but if propaganda has a following here, I can always send some. is a good source, and I got most of these from there, and have filled out some of the series from other sites.

"Nazi Eyes on Canada" - chilling depictions of what would happen if the Germans conquered Canada. The ones I have heard have been well-written and well-acted, albeit a bit over the top (as would be expected for wartime propaganda).

"Dear Adolf" - entertaining short series of angry letters to Hitler read over the air.

"You Can't Do Business with Hitler" - series depicting the difficulty of trying to work with the Nazis. Complete with dramatic organ music.

"Eyes Aloft" - an uplifting series telling the stories of civilian airplane spotters during World War II

"The Fifth Horseman" - chilling short series from 1946 about the dangers of nuclear weapons. The last episode is a good example of a post-apocalyptic story. The series does get a bit contrived and over-the-top at times, but that is part of its charm. However, for a propaganda series, it is generally well-written and well-acted.

"American Family Robinson" - privately produced pro-business propaganda series. There are two series; the first is critical of certain New Deal programs, and the second (1940) is a response to the looming war. Episodes of this series are gradually being posted at Rand's Esoteric OTR - - more information can be found there.

Assorted Nazi propaganda - "Lord Haw Haw" and "Charlie and his Orchestra". A few excerpts of Lord Haw Haw's broadcasts survive and are often in poor condition; they are obvious attempts to scare the Allied forces and often sound quite ominous. A number of songs performed by "Charlie and his Orchestra" survive. The orchestra is actually a very good swing band, and the vocals can be quite funny, with song lyrics replaced by crude Axis propaganda messages. The various collections of these programs on the internet are rather disorganized, and I've been trying to organize and properly label my collection. When I'm done, I can provide them here so that people can easily obtain them from one place.

Japanese WWII propaganda - There seems to be very little available. I have found one half-hour broadcast featuring Tokyo Rose that is widely available on the web. It is in poor condition, but is interesting nonetheless. Has anyone encountered any others?

I wonder what other fascinating propaganda programs survive. Has anyone encountered anything originating in North Korea or North Vietnam? So far, I haven't found anything.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maybe not quite what you are looking for - but the show, "Guest Star" uses a different show or star to present a message about buying war bonds.

Propaganda mostly. But very entertaining as Guest Star becomes a mini version of the show the stars are associated with.
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