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The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-06-03_(01)_Three Silver Pesos.mp3 April 15 2009 8:49:49 am 4.98 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-06-10_(02)_The Black Museum Adventure.mp3 April 15 2009 8:50:12 am 6.52 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-06-17_(03)_Murder Of Gregory Hood.mp3 April 15 2009 8:50:36 am 6.54 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-06-24_(04)_The Adventure Of The Beeswax Candle.mp3 April 15 2009 8:50:59 am 6.45 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-07-01_(05)_Murder In Celluliod.mp3 April 15 2009 8:51:17 am 4.94 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-07-08_(06)_The Derringer Society.mp3 April 15 2009 8:51:41 am 6.65 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-07-15_(07)_South Of The Border.mp3 April 15 2009 8:52:06 am 6.74 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-07-22_(08)_Death From The Red Capsule.mp3 April 15 2009 8:52:48 am 6.86 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-07-29_(09)_The Forgetful Murderer.mp3 April 15 2009 8:53:22 am 6.50 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-08-05_(10)_Double Diamond.mp3 April 15 2009 8:53:46 am 6.01 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-09-30_(18)_Gregory Is A Suspect In A Murder (aka The Daphne Boggs Case W Elliot Lewis).mp3 April 15 2009 8:54:14 am 6.83 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-10-07_(19)_The Sad Clown.mp3 April 15 2009 8:54:34 am 5.02 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-10-14_(20)_The Eloquent Corpse.mp3 April 15 2009 8:54:54 am 5.01 MB
The Casebook Of Gregory Hood_46-10-28_(22)_--- NOT - The Daphne Bloggs Case.mp3 April 15 2009 8:55:15 am 5.11 MB

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