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./Box 13_48-08-22_(01)_The First Letter.mp3
./Box 13_48-08-29_(02)_Insurance Fraud Scheme.mp3
./Box 13_48-09-05_(03)_Blackmail Is Murder.mp3
./Box 13_48-09-12_(04)_Actor's Alibi.mp3
./Box 13_48-09-19_(05)_Extra! Extra!.mp3
./Box 13_48-09-26_(06)_Shanghaied.mp3
./Box 13_48-10-03_(07)_Short Assignment.mp3
./Box 13_48-10-10_(08)_Double Mothers.mp3
./Box 13_48-10-17_(09)_Book Of Poems.mp3
./Box 13_48-10-24_(10)_The Great Torino.mp3
./Box 13_48-10-31_(11)_Suicide Or Murder.mp3
./Box 13_48-11-07_(12)_Triple Cross.mp3
./Box 13_48-11-14_(13)_Damsel In Distress.mp3
./Box 13_48-11-21_(14)_Diamond In The Sky.mp3
./Box 13_48-11-28_(15)_Double Right Cross.mp3
./Box 13_48-12-05_(16)_Look Pleasant, Please.mp3
./Box 13_48-12-12_(17)_The Haunted Artist.mp3
./Box 13_48-12-19_(18)_The Sad Night.mp3
./Box 13_48-12-26_(19)_Hot Box.mp3
./Box 13_49-01-02_(20)_The Better Man.mp3
./Box 13_49-01-09_(21)_The Professor And The Puzzle.mp3
./Box 13_49-01-16_(22)_The Dowager And Dan Holiday.mp3
./Box 13_49-01-23_(23)_Three To Die.mp3
./Box 13_49-01-30_(24)_The Philanthropist.mp3
./Box 13_49-02-06_(25)_Last Will And Nursery Rhyme.mp3
./Box 13_49-02-13_(26)_Delinquent's Dilemma.mp3
./Box 13_49-02-20_(27)_Flash Of Light.mp3
./Box 13_49-02-27_(28)_Hare And Hounds.mp3
./Box 13_49-03-06_(29)_Hunt And Peck.mp3
./Box 13_49-03-13_(30)_Death Is A Doll.mp3
./Box 13_49-03-20_(31)_113 5.mp3
./Box 13_49-03-27_(32)_Dan And The Wonderful Lamp.mp3
./Box 13_49-04-03_(33)_Tempest In A Casserole.mp3
./Box 13_49-04-10_(34)_Mexican Maze.mp3
./Box 13_49-04-17_(35)_Sealed Instructions.mp3
./Box 13_49-04-24_(36)_Find Me, Find Death.mp3
./Box 13_49-05-01_(37)_Much Too Lucky.mp3
./Box 13_49-05-08_(38)_One Of These Four.mp3
./Box 13_49-05-15_(39)_Daytime Nightmare.mp3
./Box 13_49-05-22_(40)_Death Is No Joke.mp3
./Box 13_49-05-29_(41)_The Treasure Of Hang Lee.mp3
./Box 13_49-06-05_(42)_Design For Danger.mp3
./Box 13_49-06-12_(43)_The Dead Man Walks.mp3
./Box 13_49-06-19_(44)_Killer At Large.mp3
./Box 13_49-06-26_(45)_Speed To Burn.mp3
./Box 13_49-07-03_(46)_House Of Darkness.mp3
./Box 13_49-07-10_(47)_Double Trouble.mp3
./Box 13_49-07-17_(48)_The Bitter Bitten.mp3
./Box 13_49-07-24_(49)_The Perfect Crime.mp3
./Box 13_49-07-31_(50)_Archimedes And The Roman.mp3
./Box 13_49-08-07_(51)_The Clay Pigeon.mp3
./Box 13_49-08-14_(52)_Round Robin.mp3